Industrialist Adnan Memon is the representative of one of the prime industrialist and belongs to noble families of our country. Mr. Adnan Memon was born in Karachi. Although he is a Bachelor in education, he has extensive experience in the field of Management, Construction, Developing and Marketing.

The history of Al ASR Group begins in the year 1997 and with the help and support of the team members within few years its hard and unforgettable devotion; it has been developed into distinguished name in the construction industries. Since 2002, this firm has been successfully developed many residential and commercial projects, which provides best solution for exception value to the individual’s residence and modern way of living structure.

Mr. Adnan Memon has established many construction units with his other family members, under the name of “ADNAN ENTERPRISES” This institution that had enhance itself in a several different industrial sectors in Pakistan.

Mr. Adnan Memon having an established record of intense business awareness and a positive contribution to the national economy of Pakistan.

Mr. Adnan Memon
Managing Director
Al ASR Group of Companies